Saturday, September 8, 2012


This summer I photographed two groups of people. The first was at a book signing event held at Harris Cyclery in West Newton for my friend Grant Petersen who’s new book Just Ride had just been published.  A group ride had been planned for after the signing but as light and time were fading we ended up with just the picture.  Grant’s book is a fine one, well worth reading for anyone with an interest in riding a bike.  In addition to cycling and photography Grant and I have shared the trials and tribulations of beginning and operating smallish businesses through the years.  His counsel has proven invaluable.  

The second group was the annual Chmura family reunion held on July 7th at the old Donohue family farm in Krumville (pop. 7, I’m told), NY, in the Catskills.  This reunion has been held without interruption for 47 consecutive years.  This year it served also as a double memorial service: for my Uncle Paul who grew up in this house (the empty chair front row center was his) as well as cousin Moira’s 18 year old son Tobias who was lost in a tragic fall off of Sleeping Giant in Hamden, CT in February.  I have made this picture many times now. Faces present in years past, now no longer with us, are still well represented and remembered by the DNA comprising this years group.