Saturday, September 8, 2012


Our 1996 Toyota Corolla on it’s last day here.  Our main small package delivery vehicle since 1997, it covered 423,194 miles with nary a complaint.  As pictured it was still running like a champ.  I had planned to keep it until we hit 500,000 and then bring it to Toyota’s attention, secretly hoping that they would embrace their aged warrior and bestow a new one upon us.   Over the last few years it was being used less and less, mostly Wayne going to the bank and running errands, and it was becoming increasingly clear that at that rate 500k was unlikely – not because it couldn’t get there but rather we just didn’t need it to.  When this year’s insurance bill arrived it pretty much seal it’s fate.  Original engine and transmission (never even opened either up), original most everything else.  All it ever needed was tires, brakes, wheels (potholes), oil changes and gas.  Not bad.