Monday, September 12, 2011


This week John Liz will mark one of those milestone birthdays. In honoring his request for no organized celebratory attempts I will not disclose what day nor which milestone.

John and I started working together on August 26th, 1985 at Spectrum Color Labs in Boston. A few years later when I left to co-found Color Services I tried to convince him to follow. His loyalty to the late Walter Urbanowicz, Spectrum’s founder, prevailed, leavened I would guess by a certain amount of doubt as to his prospects in joining a startup with little assurance of survival. I tried a couple of times in the ensuing years to convince him to jump ship, to no avail. When Spectrum closed it’s doors suddenly in 2006 there was no real question for either of us and once again we were working together.

I haven’t known a harder working or more dedicated individual. Before most of us are awake each and every morning John is already at work in the lab. He makes everything and everyone around him better. Photography and life still excite him. Anyone who has notched a milestone or two knows how important and rare that is.

One day it is 1985 and as a young fellow you put your head down and set to work at the task at hand. Seemingly overnight it is 2011 and when you look up that youth and those years are rapidly receding in the distance…

For those years and all the good work, thank you John.

Happy birthday from us all.